Meeting Room

Principessa Mafalda offers its guests conference rooms to organize meetings, courses, and much more to accommodate up to 45 people.

Two conference rooms of about 25 square meters in size that can accommodate up to 15 people each, and a studio of about 15 square meters, are available at any time. These can also be joined together creating a single room. Every type of technology needed can be available, from the PC to the microphone to the TV.

Another room, always the size of about 25 square meters that also accommodates up to 15 people, is available from 10 onwards. It also can be combined with other rooms if it is necessary to expand the space available to accommodate up to a maximum of 45 people.

Principessa Mafalda has been designed to offer a range of services to our business customers, it differs because of the comfort and flexibility offered both in terms of space and price. It wants to make the work experience as pleasant as possible, allowing you to optimize times and maximize the moments of rest and relaxation in its bright and spacious rooms. You do not have to think about the time lost in the car, or to look for parking that we offer you for free, or worry about your stained shirts. You just have to think about your meeting and recharge as much as possible!

Our guests, on request, have available our meeting rooms.
Work and relax in one solution
Il tempo è prezioso, preservalo
Time is precious, preserve it

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